Shopping TV Reinvented

Watch shows made by the most creative video makers in the world, ask questions with video Q&A and shop every episode

Create a Show

Start your own shoppable TV show and join the most creative video makers in the world. Episodes are short and sharable everywhere.

Add Products

Over 100 million products can be scanned into videos and made shoppable from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Poshmark. Make content your way and get paid for it with affiliate revenue.

Discover & Shop

From news to skating, thrifting to fashion, vinyl to travel, teenage directors to cable TV stars, 007 Bond girls to hip hop artists there’s a show for you to discover on eight.
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Get personal with your audience and answer qustions with video Q&A. Ask the creators about that killer gadget or how to rock out to the latest Beyoncé track, all answered with video.


eight originals produce and showcase some of the best on the platform. If you make enough noise your show could be up in lights with them!
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